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Open Saturday 8 am – 11 am Last Day of the Season

Last Day to get blueberries.
We will be open from 8 am – 11 am tomorrow. Price is $1.50 per pound.
After Saturday we will be closed for the season.

Still Opening at 8 am for the Blueberry Blowout sale. Storms seem to be dissipating

Blueberry Blowout Sale! Thursday 8 am – 8 pm Half Off Regular Price! $1.50 per pound
While they last…..
We need to get these berries off the bushes now. There are many ripe berries out there some of which are getting too ripe but would be ok for processing.
Come out Thursday and stock up.

Open tonight 4 pm – 8 pm

This will be our last night for the “fill the bucket” promotion.
Picking is more difficult now.
Zone 4 About 20 buckets available
Zone 5 About 15 bucket available
Zone 3 (first 6 rows) about 10 buckets available.

Open Tuesday 4 pm to 8 pm Continuing “fill a bucket” $10

Open Tuesday 4 pm to 8 pm
Believe it or not, still lots of nice ripe berries.
Continuing the $10 “fill a bucket” promotion.
It cooled off nicely this evening. Perfect picking weather.
I would expect the same thing happening tomorrow with evening cloud cover.
Come out and stock up for winter.
Blueberry Bob


The berries are at their peak ripeness. There are  occasional soft berries-just don’t put those in your bucket.
We are still doing the fill the bucket for $10.
This is the time to fill your freezer!
B.    Bob

Open Saturday 8 am Still many Ripe Berries to Be Picked

Open Saturday 8 am Last chance for $10/bucket promotion.
Still many ripe berries to be picked, although a bit harder to obtain a bucket.
Come out and get your berries now before the season comes to a close.
Will be open on Monday but with different hours to be announced. Please give feed back if mornings are better or evenings are better for you.
See you tomorrow….

Open Friday 8 am – 12 Noon 1000 lbs of berries picked today!

Thank you all for your fantastic response to our “fill a bucket” promotion.
What a day we had for picking blueberries!
Over 1000 lbs of berries were picked!
Here is a report for tomorrow July 7th”
Picking is, of course, more difficult now but there are still many ripe berries to be picked yet and many green ones turning.
So for Friday, we will be open 8 am to 12 noon.
We’ve decided to keep the “fill a bucket” promotion for Friday and Saturday but it will be much harder to fill a bucket.
See guidelines in previous post.
Here is the zone breakdown of available ripe berries by 1 gallon buckets
Zone 3 – (first 12 rows) 10 buckets
Zone 4 – 5 buckets
Zone 5 – 20 buckets
Zone 7 – 4 buckets

Open Today (Wed. July 5th) 8 am – 5 pm Lots of Ripe Berries

Open today (Wed.) 8 am to 5 pm
Plenty of ripe berries that need to be picked.
Come out and enjoy the farm.
B. Bob

Open Tuesday July 4th 8 am – 12 noon Lots of Ripe Berries

Another great day of picking. I don’t know of anyone having difficulties in obtaining berries.
Open Tuesday July 4th 8 am – 12 noon
Still lots of ripe berries to be picked.
Blueberry Bob

Great Day of Picking! Open Again Monday, July 3rd 8 am


We had a terrific day of selling blueberries. It’s so nice to have plenty of blueberries for everyone. Your comments have been a blessing to us also.

The ripening continues to keep ahead of the birds so barring any major happening we should start next week pretty strong.

Remember we are closed on Sunday.

Blueberry Bob