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Open Saturday 8 am to 5 pm Lots of Ripe Berries!

Today there were many nice ripe berries picked, but there are many left to pick.
Bring the family and make it a 4th of July weekend tradition to pick blueberries here in Northeast Missouri
B. Bob

Open Today June 30th, 8 am to 5 pm Lots of Ripe Berries!

Perfect Day to Pick Blueberries! Lot’s of Ripe Berries
Open 8 am to 5 pm today (Friday 30th).
Tomorrow (Saturday) Open 8am
Come out and enjoy the farm
B. Bob

Open tomorrow Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Still lots of ripe berries.

Still pretty easy picking.

Don’t miss your chance at picking fresh local blueberries this year.  Season is going strong but usually comes to an abrupt ending.

B.  Bob

Open 8 am Today. Many Ripe Berries, Weather is Temperate, Easy Picking. Now’s the time to pick!

What a great rain we had last night. 1.5 inches here. Some wind but not bad. No hail happened which was a distinct threat last night. So what about today? We will open at 8 am.
We will try our best to keep open all day but do ask if there happens to come some lightening that you come in for a while until it is over.

B.  Bob

Wednesday June 28th – Picking Good! Open until 5pm

Lot and Lots of ripe berries that need to be picked. Not many pickers out here today. Perfect weather. Easy to fill a bucket!

Picking Report Tuesday, June 27, 6:30 pm

Well, we had a pretty good day of picking. There are still many ripe berries but one must work harder to obtain a bucket of ripe berries.
We will open at 8 am tomorrow (Wed.).
Note:  We will close if there is persistent rain…

Picking Report Tuesday Morning 7 am. Open 8 am – 5 pm

There are still many ripe berries in Zone 5 but they are not going to be in clumps. They will be scattered. So the ease of picking is more difficult. Use the advantage of 2 hands by utilizing a “picking belt” (see previous video post on Facebook).  
Zones 6 and 7 still have quite a few ripe berries but will need to walk up and down the rows to find the bushes with the ripe berries.
Note: When the ripe berries can’t keep up with the bird pressure the season will be over.
B. Bob

Picking Report June 26th 8:30 pm – Open tomorrow (Tuesday) 8 am

8 am
We had a slow but steady day. I think we sold about 300 lbs.
There are still many ripe berries out there. Also, many to turn. Hopefully the speed of ripening will stay ahead of the bird’s appetite.
Still lots of ripe berries on zone 5 but they are spread out more on the bushes.
Still plenty of berries on zones 6-7
Looks like another beautiful day.
B. Bob

Picking Prediction for Monday, June 26th – Lots of Ripe Berries – Picking Easy

Many ripe berries in all Zones but particularly 5 – 7. Picking should be easy.
Open 8 am
Weather will be perfect.

Saturday June 24th Open 8am – ? Lot’s of Ripe Berries!

Lots of ripe berries. Beautiful day!
Bring the family for an enjoyable outing.