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Picking Prediction for Saturday June 24th – Many Nice Ripe Berries

We will be open for picking tomorrow (Saturday) at 8 am.  Not sure when we will close but it looks like we will be open for a good portion of the day.  There are still many ripe berries in zones 5-7.

I would suggest using one of our “picking belts” (if you don’t already have a belt) to strap the bucket to your waist.  You can then pick with both hands and double the amount of berries you pick in a given time.

In zone 5 there are many ripe berries but they are not all clumped together so having both hands free to pick can really speed things up.

B. Bob

Picking Hours for Friday June 23rd 8 am – 12 Noon

We will be open from 8am – 12 noon today.  This will allow a half day of ripening to assure berries for those who were not able to come during the week to have berries on Saturday. Please “share”.
B.  Bob

Will Open Again Thursday 8am A Ton of Ripe Berries Available


Having allowed 2 days of ripening we have at least 1000 pounds of ripe berries out there to be picked.  So if you’ve been waiting to pick, this is going to be the easiest time to get buckets full.

We will be open on Friday but let’s see what happens Thursday and I will post on Thursday night.

Please refer to our previous post as to the breakdown of ripe berries in each zone.

Again, just a reminder that when you pick please resist the temptation to jump from bush to bush just to find the largest berries.  That makes it harder for everyone else.  Try to pick at least most of the ripe berries from each bush before going to the next.

B.  Bob

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday for Ripening – Open Thursday 8 am – Picking Prediction

We were picked pretty heavily yesterday and therefore we are going to allow two days of ripening.

Here is an extensive prediction as to what one will see  on the plantation on Thursday (by zone and cultivar).

Zone 1

Mostly Bluecrop with some Bluejay.  Medium to small berries.    40% ripe berries

Zone 2:   Mostly Bluecrop.  Medium to small berries 30% ripe.

Zone 3:   Mostly Bluecrop . Medium to small berries 30% ripe.  Also,  1st 4 rows (closest to the checkout pavilion) are Blueray.  Medium to large berries.  They will be about 35 percent ripened.

Zone 4:  Mostly Bluecrop.  Mostly medium size, some large and some small.  They will be about 40% ripe

Zone 5:  Mostly Bluejay.  They are mostly medium size.  They will be about 80% ripe.  Also, 2 rows before the last row (south side) are Toro.  Medium to large berries, with some small.  They will be 40% ripe.   Last row on zone 5 (furthest south) is the one row of Draper.  They are a large berry with some medium.  They will be about 50% ripe

Zone 6:  (on the south side of the herb garden on the steep hill) The first 8 rows are Patriot.  These are the early berries.  There are still quite a few left on them.  They are a medium to large berry.  They will be about 90% ripe.  Then, the last 4 rows are getting into the Blueray.  They will be about  50% ripe.

Zone 7:  The Blueray continue from zone 6 and go on for another 8 rows.  They will be about 50% ripe.  The last 12 rows are Bluecrop.  They will be about 40% ripe.

So that is the rundown for Thursday.  Hope that helps.


Blueberry Bob.


Picking Report Monday, June 19th, 12:30pm

We had a lot of pickers this morning.  Zone 6-7 are pretty much picked over.  Most of the ripe berries now are on Zone 5.   There are lots of ripe berries there but they are somewhat scattered.

There are nice berries in zones 1-3 but one has to zig zag through those zones to find those bushes with the nice berries.

B. Bob

Picking Prediction for Monday June 19th – The Ripe Berries are Here – Come and Get Them!

If you like easy picking and nice ripe berries, this is the week folks.   I was just walking the plantation and there are probably about 600 – 700 pounds that are ripe.  I think the whole week will be good but we’ll just talk Monday right now.

We will be open at 8am.


Blueberry Bob

Picking Prediction for Monday June 19th

As it looks now there will be lots of ripe berries available for Monday. If you are wanting blueberries, this coming week should be a good one.
I will post again Sunday evening to give an even more up to date report.
Blueberry Bob

Picking Report for Saturday, June 17th

We are continuing to struggle to have enough ripe early berries.
We probably should be closed for ripening Saturday and Sunday but for the sake of some of you who have been working during the week, we are going to open a couple of hours tomorrow (Sat.) We will be open from 8am to 10am. There are not very many ripe berries out there but they can be found.
Blueberry Bob

Picking Report 11:15 am (pretty much picked out of ripe berries for today)

The amount of pickers today pretty much matched what I thought were the pounds out there. We’ve sold about 150 lbs.
I will post at the end of the day to predict how much will be available Saturday.
Blueberry Bob

Picking Report: June 16 6:45am (Storm Assessment) Limited Ripe Berries

We had a severe storm last night with 50 mph winds.   Shook several of the ripe berries off but they are lying on top of the clean mulch so at least one knows they are ripe and the first pickers can pick those up.

There are about 30-40 lbs of ripe berries on zone 6/7

There are about 100 lbs of ripe berries on zones 4/5

Many berries to yet to ripen.  Note:  We usually open around June 20 but had some early ripening this year due to early warm weather.

The early ones will get the best choice of course.

We will park you but NOT allow picking until  8am