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Picking Prediction for Saturday June 24th – Many Nice Ripe Berries

We will be open for picking tomorrow (Saturday) at 8 am.  Not sure when we will close but it looks like we will be open for a good portion of the day.  There are still many ripe berries in zones 5-7.

I would suggest using one of our “picking belts” (if you don’t already have a belt) to strap the bucket to your waist.  You can then pick with both hands and double the amount of berries you pick in a given time.

In zone 5 there are many ripe berries but they are not all clumped together so having both hands free to pick can really speed things up.

B. Bob

Picking Report June 22, 9 pm

– There are still plenty of ripe berries out there. The ease of picking tomorrow will be moderate. We will still be picking in Zones 5, 6, & 7. We will be open tomorrow, Friday, June 23, at 8 am – ? After 10 am tomorrow, we recommend before you drive out you call, or check Facebook, or our website for updates on availability of ripe berries. I will post Friday evening regarding Saturday hours.

Picking report 2:30 Thursday, June 22 – Still plenty of ripe berries. They are getting a bit harder to pick. Closing at 8 pm.

Picking Report June 19, 6:15 pm Closed Tuesday for Ripening

Over 500 lbs of ripe berries were picked today!   Picking is pretty hard right now, so we are going to close Tuesday for ripening and probably open on Wednesday BUT keep checking in.  I will post again tomorrow evening.


B.  Bob

Closed the rest of today for ripening.

June 15 Picking Report – 3:30pm

It seems harder to predict ripe berries this year for some reason.    They seem like they are ripening fast, and then not.

Well, for Friday we will open at 8 am.  However, I don’t know when we will be picked out, so…..

Please, please, keep checking on Facebook or our website or use Twitter.  We will post on all three as often as possible with updates.

Or call 660-342-2725 anytime for an update.  I will give you a personal up to date assessment.

There are lots and lots of green berries that are turning, but they just aren’t there yet, so please don’t give up.  I know it’s hard to plan your  outing, but again, that’s the nature of this business.

-Blueberry Bob

June 14th Picking Report: Closed for Ripening on Thursday, June 15th; Open Friday and hopefully Saturday

After taking a stroll through the plantation this morning, I have determined that we will be closed for more ripening Thursday.   Hopefully then we will have plenty of ripe berries for Friday and Saturday.

If you were planning on coming out Thursday, I’m sorry about that but that is the nature of this business.  Even the larger farms have to deal with this issue only in a larger way.

If you know someone who was planning on coming out Thursday, please let them know we will be closed and open then again on Friday and hopefully Saturday as the berries hold out.  My prediction is that there will be lots of ripe berries for Friday and Saturday.


Closing today @ Noon to let more berries ripen.

2017 Opening Day June 13

Lost Branch Blueberry Farm presents the 2017 opening day Tuesday, June 13, 8am to 8pm. Picking will begin at 8am.
Our hours for the season will be M, Tu, Th, Fr, Sa 8am-8pm. We will be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays during the season. For this week, we will be open Tuesday, then closed Wednesday and then open again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and closed on Sunday. This is the schedule we will keep throughout the season UNLESS notified otherwise, i.e., lack of ripe berries or severe weather.
We do not have computer access during business hours so please call 660-342-2725 with questions.
Please tell friends and family.

2017 Blueberry Crop Assessment

With the 2017 season about to begin, I thought I would give everyone an assessment of what to expect when you come to pick.
First of all, for those of you who have not been here before, there are 7
“zones” of blueberries. The zones are clearly marked as to where the zone begins (as you are walking toward them.) Each have their own nuances. Here is what I see and predict:
Zone 1 (close to the bathroom). Being revitalized. Many newer plantings (not bearing yet). Variety: Mostly Bluecrop but have some Bluejay and Patriot mixed in. The berries are medium to small.  Some early season berries are to be found within the 6 rows closest to the bathroom.
Zone 2. Also, being revitalized and has many newer plantings (not bearing yet). Many of the bushes are Bluecrop and therefore don’t have many leaves. I’ve pruned a lot of the smaller berries off the bushes to help with picking.  Many of the bushes are thin on leaves.  This makes the berries more “out in the open” as far as accessibility.  However,  the berries are medium and will take longer to fill a bucket.  Also, make sure to sample as you go to make sure the berries are okay on a given bush since lack of leaves on a cane can affect the berry quality.

Zone 3.   Pretty much the same as zone 2, except the 4 rows that are close to the pavilion.  These 4 rows are doing well and have a lot of nice medium to large berries.  The variety is Blueray. Some are starting to turn blue but will mostly ripen in 7-10 days.

Zone 4 (south of the Pavilion). The first 6 or 7 rows are Bluecrop.  Most of these are doing pretty well and have medium to large berries.  Some are just starting to turn blue.  Most will ripen in another 7-10 days.  The remaining 4 or 5 rows are Bluejay. This is one of the most shady spots because of the foliage.      These bushes are loaded with berries.  However, they are also loaded with leaves.  Make sure to move the canes around because many times pickers don’t get to the interior of the bush and there are nice ones in there.

Zone 5.  All these are the Bluejay mentioned in zone 4.   These bushes are starting to turn and will probably be in full ripening by the week of June 19th.  The 2nd and 3rd row from the south end of zone 5 are Toro, medium to large berries.  The last row is Draper.  These are very nice bushes with lots of large berries.  Problem is, there is just one row.  These will be in full ripening by the week of June 19.

Zone 6 (south of  Herb Gulch).  The first 8 rows on the east side are Patriot.  This is where we will begin to pick next week because they are an early berry.  The bushes are shorter (about 3 to 4 feet tall).  The berries are medium to large.  The last 3 or 4 rows on the west side of zone 6 are Blueray.  These are very nice bushes with medium to large berries.  They will be coming on right after the Patriot.

Zone 7.  The first 3 or 4 rows are a continuation of the Blueray from Zone 6.  Again, a very nice crop of berries there.  And then the last 8 rows are Bluecrop (by the Asparagus patch).  These are newer bushes but loaded with nice berries.  They will be ripening around the week of June 19th.

IMPORTANT:  During the first of the season especially, we will be directing you to walk along the pond bank and then go west from the picnic table (down the pond bank), then past the peach orchard, in order to get to Zones 6 and 7.  So it is a bit of a walk.  We do have limited parking closer to these zones for those who cannot walk far or are in wheelchairs.  If you have a disability, please let us know and we can direct you to a parking spot closer to these zones.