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Some young pickers came out to the farm to learn about blueberry production.

Preschool pickers

Dog Friends (Plus one cat)


As I come back up to the house after documenting the mulching of the asparagus patch with pictures, I am greeted by this adorable picture of canine (and feline) cuteness.

Camilla (more often known as Her Highness) has persistently earned the right to be up in the front yard with the dogs by enduring their habit of ignoring her one minute, chasing her out of reach the next, and showing her all sorts of other undesirable attention.

The dogs are absolutely in love with their favorite blue squeaky toy, and it rarely fails to be brought to our attention upon almost every occasion of us being outdoors for any length of time.  It was originally Edmond’s favorite, but Sadie (the yellow one, who is Ed’s mother) has also adopted it and tries to show Ed that she is the one really in charge of it and everything else.  In fact, recently the blue toy mysteriously disappeared for about a week, and then just as mysteriously resurfaced.  We have reason to believe Sadie thought things were getting a little out of hand with her son and decided to confiscate it to reveal her absolute authority over such matters.  (She has been known to bury things.)


The dogs see that I present a prime opportunity to play fetch (Ed’s favorite) or keep-away (Sadie’s favorite), while Highness observes the proceedings from a safe distance.


Wow, a certain blue thing can really earn you some focused attention!

Our Fish Story

Monday afternoon I was walking past my grandparents’ pond (the one we use for irrigating the blueberries) on the way back from checking on the sheep.  (They started having lambs Sunday and now we have twelve.)  I saw something floating in the water at the edge which I first thought might be an animal of some kind.  Then I realized it was this.  (That’s a yardstick below it, not a ruler, just in case you weren’t sure. 🙂 )

Now, there is a family legend from almost thirty years ago about when my granddad, my dad, and one of our family friends were dragging a net across the pond and caught two of three huge grass carp.  The third grass carp flipped out of the net (much to the scare of the friend, who was in the water with the net) and hadn’t been certainly sighted again since.  No one could be sure if it was alive or dead.

To my excitement (yes, one gets excited at some strange things here in rural Missouri), once I had retrieved Grant to pull the thing out of the pond and show it  to our granddad, he confirmed that it was a grass carp and probably the same one from almost thirty years ago.

Grant and I were quite pleased at our catch, even if it was dead when we captured it.  So we had to take pictures.

It weighed around sixty pounds.  We decided to leave it in the front yard for a while to see what happened when Abriana and our dad came home.

Later, Abriana documented what Her Royal Highness thought of it.   She didn’t care for it.  A little too large for her taste, I suppose.

“What is this beast doing in my domain?”

“It stinks.”

A Woolly Addition

The newest member of the flock and definitely one of the cutest…but she feels like a bit of a black sheep, wouldn’t you know.


She really is completely black but her wool is bleached out from the sun.  Having wanted a black sheep for a while, I was very excited to make a trade (back in August…I’m a little behind with the blogging) with our friend Mrs. Miller, giving her the former “Lucy” (one of my grown-up Katahdin bottle lambs) and receiving the adorable former “Karise”.  Now, Karisey and Lola Lulu each seem happy in their new homes and Lola Lulu, I was informed, had twins this week, her first lambs.

Karisey is part Finn, part Romanov, and will require a shearing every spring unlike our Katahdin hair sheep, so in a few months I  may be learning to shear a sheep by hand. Thanks to Mrs. Miller, Karisey is friendly and hopefully will tolerate an inexperienced shearer with grace.    🙂

Our latest adventure…

Since there isn’t a whole lot exciting going on as far as the farm goes at this time of year, I thought you all might like to see a few pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon this September.  It was a completely awesome trip and we even made it clear out to California to spend a little time with some of our wonderful family out there.  Yep, it was a LOT of time in the car, because we drove all the way out and back…in our old Buick, no less.  Some of us were more than a bit nervous as to whether our car could make it back in one piece, especially over the mountains.  But the Lord really blessed us with safety and a great time.  So, without further ado, here is a sample of the many  pictures we took of the Grand Canyon.

To begin with, we rode the bus around a lot during the first day (we spent two days at the Canyon).  This was very convenient and nice, but at times crowded.


Wow! Awesome is the only word to describe it, and pictures DEFINITELY can’t get it across.  You lose perspective looking at it because the proportions are so vast.  Unfortunately, this probably makes for not realizing what imminent danger you could be in on the trails…but more on that later.


After a while, we decided to venture a ways down the Bright Angel Trail.  Our first moments on it were quite exhilarating.  There’s nothing like knowing you could accidentally fall down a huge precipice! If you are afraid of heights, this is most certainly not the place for you.  No guard rails and spectacular views…it was amazing!

The next day, since the Bright Angel Trail was such a big hit, we determined to try the South Kaibab Trail, which was even better–more steep, and more treacherous.  🙂


Daddy and Grant get ahead of us on the trail, making for a cool picture.


Mother and Abriana in front of a scenic drop-off.  They were convinced I was taking pictures on the trail at the risk of life and limb.  🙂


Trailblazers! 🙂

IMG_5629Unfortunately, we didn’t have time or energy to go clear to the bottom and come back up, so when we approached this large boulder (which partly overhung the edge) was about the time we turned around to head back up the trail.  Grant found that it was an excellent seat and vantage point for a view.

IMG_5639“Grant, will you PLEASE come down from there? The agreement was for you to stay on the PATH!”

And a few other random pictures…

IMG_5671We got to see a sunset as we ate supper.  A bunch of people were taking pictures of the sunset, but it was a  quiet atmosphere even with all the people. A few dedicated photographers really DID appear to be risking life and limb.


Daddy enjoying the view.


A fabulous time had by all!

Special Thanks…

To Darla Smith for the beautiful picture of our blueberries at the top of our blog! Go here to see Darla’s website. Her e-mail is: darla@anewdayphotography

Grandmother’s Cocker Spaniel Puppies

The black one is the last puppy left to go out of a litter of six that Abriana helped our grandparents next door to raise.

A Peach-To-Be

Folks, I’m sorry but I’ve just got to post another peach flower picture. Isn’t it beautiful!
I’ve walked by these for too many years and not seen the close up beauty. Thanks again Abriana.

The humble bumble

I used to get irritated when those cargo planes of the bee world would do a drive by on me. I was sure they were doing it to irritate me, seeing just how close they could come to my face without hitting me. They seemed so uncoordinated that I thought they would accidently bump into me while trying to do their cocky manuevers. However, now days I’m enjoying walking amidst the buzzing and frolicking of the bumble bees. Actually, they are quite a bit less aggressive than a honey bee. They come out in cooler weather while the honey bees are keeping warm in their hive. This is great for us northern Missouri berry farmers. Also, the bumble bees have longer proboscis (the tubular extention of the mouth) which helps in the pollination of blueberries, more so than the common honey bee. So the more the merrier, I say. By the way, thank you Abriana for this beautiful shot of an active bumble bee on some of the blueberry blossoms.

Blossoms and Lambs

These beautiful red flowers are actually on a blueberry plant!

OK, we definitely have a great guard-donkey! If you can see, the lambs are climbing on Jenny…and she didn’t care! At least, not for quite some time. After a while she had had enough and got up. And…get this…a couple of the lambs actually like to nurse from Jenny! Obviously they are the bigger ones who can reach higher!