Let the 2016 Blueberry Picking Season Begin in Northeast Missouri

Let the picking begin! Yes, We will be opening this Thursday June 16th at 8am. The berries look very nice this year and plentiful. There will be a good 5 weeks of picking and maybe more.
We have expanded our open hours this year so please take note:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am – 8pm.
We will be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.
**Sometimes we may have to close for a day or two for ripening so please keep checking into facebook or website as I will be posting frequently.
Please feel free to call if you are coming from a long distance.
PRICE per pound is $3 for U-Pick blueberries.
It is looking to be rather warm so remember to bring your sunscreen, a hat, water, and a cooler for your berries if you have one. If you are picking a lot, make sure to keep your berries shaded.
We will be starting for the most part on Zone 5. Those bushes have quite a bit of foliage this year so remember to move the canes around to see the nice berries inside.
This year we have enhanced our herb garden area with a nice waterfall. Please go down in the valley and enjoy the shade and the sound of the waterfall. We do ask that you or your children do not enter the actual waterfall area (which is roped off) as it would be unsafe.
Have a wonderful time picking fresh, untainted, local blueberries in Northeast Missouri.
Please tell your friends about us.  Thanks!
Blueberry Bob

2 responses to “Let the 2016 Blueberry Picking Season Begin in Northeast Missouri

  1. I don’t know if we will manage to get over there or not (we are over an hour west…and seem to be super busy this year, but just in case, can you tell me how much they are going to be? Thanks!

    • The Price Family

      The U-pick are still $3 per pound. We also are going to have some “We-pick”berries for $5 per pound.

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