The Wise Blueberry Picker

The Wise Blueberry Picker (10 tips on having a good picking experience)

1. Try to come within the first couple of weeks. The berries are much easier to pick and are the largest and best.
The season usually lasts about 3 weeks here. The longer you wait the smaller the berries and therefore the longer it takes to pick a bucket
2. If you are picking a good amount (several buckets), it’s best to keep your already picked bucket of berries in the shade of the bushes.. If they are kept cool in the field and then put right in the fridge when you get home they will give you several weeks of enjoyment!
3. To freeze your berries, don’t wash them, just pour them in a heavy zip lock bag and stick in the freezer. Then, when you get ready to use them, just poor out what you need in a little colander, rinse off and eat. A healthy, delicious treat to eat all through the winter.
4. When picking, make sure to sample the berries from the bush from which you are picking (we don’t spray our bushes so no chemical worries). Also, avoid canes that don’t have many leaves on them as the leaves bring nutrition to the berries.
5. Move the canes around. There are usually really nice berries hiding in the foliage because many people just pick the berries on the outside.
5. Best picking is usually between 9-11 am because it is cool yet the dew is usually off.
6. If you attach your bucket to your belt, you will free up both hands and can pick twice as fast! Careful though, don’t bend too far over and dump your berries. We do have some different sizes of belts on hand if you need one.
7. In order to make everyone else’s berry picking more pleasant, please pick as many ripe berries off of a bush as you can before going to another bush. Try to go in sequence down a row or at least go to the next ripened bush in the row. Hopping around makes it much more difficult for those coming after you to find the ripe berries. Also, we can direct people more easily to sections of ripe berries.
8. Bring a hat, sunscreen and something cool to drink. (note we don’t allow alcoholic drinks and they are not good in the heat anyway)
9. Bring a light weight picking stool. You can glean those nice berries that the other pickers left because they were picking above waist height and rest your legs while picking those nice berries.
10. We have a regular, “flushable” bathroom for your convenience. Please make use of the outdoor sink and soap to cleanse your hands before you go back to picking.

Enjoy yourselves! Opening date coming soon…..

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