Open Friday 8 am – 12 Noon 1000 lbs of berries picked today!

Thank you all for your fantastic response to our “fill a bucket” promotion.
What a day we had for picking blueberries!
Over 1000 lbs of berries were picked!
Here is a report for tomorrow July 7th”
Picking is, of course, more difficult now but there are still many ripe berries to be picked yet and many green ones turning.
So for Friday, we will be open 8 am to 12 noon.
We’ve decided to keep the “fill a bucket” promotion for Friday and Saturday but it will be much harder to fill a bucket.
See guidelines in previous post.
Here is the zone breakdown of available ripe berries by 1 gallon buckets
Zone 3 – (first 12 rows) 10 buckets
Zone 4 – 5 buckets
Zone 5 – 20 buckets
Zone 7 – 4 buckets

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