IMG_2629Here the guys are on a January Saturday morning, working in the asparagus patch.  (Little as it looks like one at this time of year.)


The idea is to mulch between the plants, using cardboard boxes, in an effort to squelch the ever encroaching weeds.  (The little sand piles are just to hold the cardboard down.)

IMG_2631 IMG_2634

From the east side of the asparagus patch, you can see that, before it got freezing cold, we started piling wood-chip mulch along the sides of the new blueberry rows, in which we hope to plant several hundred more blueberries this spring.  We’re just hoping to get a jump on the process of mulching by having some of it done before the young plants arrive.

IMG_2625And this is a picture of the havoc wreaked by the disease outbreak triggered (as we think) by drought stress last summer. This picture is in Zone 1 (the oldest plants on the farm).  You can see there is a significant swathe of plants that are gone, cut down to their base.  We are hoping some of them will sprout back up again this spring.  Zone 2 sustained significant damage as well.

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