Dog Friends (Plus one cat)


As I come back up to the house after documenting the mulching of the asparagus patch with pictures, I am greeted by this adorable picture of canine (and feline) cuteness.

Camilla (more often known as Her Highness) has persistently earned the right to be up in the front yard with the dogs by enduring their habit of ignoring her one minute, chasing her out of reach the next, and showing her all sorts of other undesirable attention.

The dogs are absolutely in love with their favorite blue squeaky toy, and it rarely fails to be brought to our attention upon almost every occasion of us being outdoors for any length of time.  It was originally Edmond’s favorite, but Sadie (the yellow one, who is Ed’s mother) has also adopted it and tries to show Ed that she is the one really in charge of it and everything else.  In fact, recently the blue toy mysteriously disappeared for about a week, and then just as mysteriously resurfaced.  We have reason to believe Sadie thought things were getting a little out of hand with her son and decided to confiscate it to reveal her absolute authority over such matters.  (She has been known to bury things.)


The dogs see that I present a prime opportunity to play fetch (Ed’s favorite) or keep-away (Sadie’s favorite), while Highness observes the proceedings from a safe distance.


Wow, a certain blue thing can really earn you some focused attention!

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