An Asparagus Lover says…

Asparagus, yum!

I prepare asparagus by pouring a little olive oil in the bottom of a baking dish or pan, rolling the spears so they’re covered, in a single layer, sprinkle with sea salt, roast/bake in a hot oven (400′) until browned, turning them to get browned all over. Doesn’t take very long, but it makes them so delicious.
I hope to freeze some.  Then I will probably use it in frittatas, or scrambled eggs.  I did see a picture of Schwan’s frozen asparagus on skewers on a grill, and that looked promising.  I’m not much on just cooking it like green beans, because it gets too slimy… .” Yet onward I haste to the heavenly feast: That, that is the fulness; but this is the taste.”  C.Wesley

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