Picking Report for Saturday, June 17th

We are continuing to struggle to have enough ripe early berries.
We probably should be closed for ripening Saturday and Sunday but for the sake of some of you who have been working during the week, we are going to open a couple of hours tomorrow (Sat.) We will be open from 8am to 10am. There are not very many ripe berries out there but they can be found.
Blueberry Bob

Closed the rest of today for ripening.

Picking Report 11:15 am (pretty much picked out of ripe berries for today)

The amount of pickers today pretty much matched what I thought were the pounds out there. We’ve sold about 150 lbs.
I will post at the end of the day to predict how much will be available Saturday.
Blueberry Bob

Picking Report: June 16 6:45am (Storm Assessment) Limited Ripe Berries

We had a severe storm last night with 50 mph winds.   Shook several of the ripe berries off but they are lying on top of the clean mulch so at least one knows they are ripe and the first pickers can pick those up.

There are about 30-40 lbs of ripe berries on zone 6/7

There are about 100 lbs of ripe berries on zones 4/5

Many berries to yet to ripen.  Note:  We usually open around June 20 but had some early ripening this year due to early warm weather.

The early ones will get the best choice of course.

We will park you but NOT allow picking until  8am

June 15 Picking Report – 3:30pm

It seems harder to predict ripe berries this year for some reason.    They seem like they are ripening fast, and then not.

Well, for Friday we will open at 8 am.  However, I don’t know when we will be picked out, so…..

Please, please, keep checking on Facebook or our website or use Twitter.  We will post on all three as often as possible with updates.

Or call 660-342-2725 anytime for an update.  I will give you a personal up to date assessment.

There are lots and lots of green berries that are turning, but they just aren’t there yet, so please don’t give up.  I know it’s hard to plan your  outing, but again, that’s the nature of this business.

-Blueberry Bob

June 14th Picking Report: Closed for Ripening on Thursday, June 15th; Open Friday and hopefully Saturday

After taking a stroll through the plantation this morning, I have determined that we will be closed for more ripening Thursday.   Hopefully then we will have plenty of ripe berries for Friday and Saturday.

If you were planning on coming out Thursday, I’m sorry about that but that is the nature of this business.  Even the larger farms have to deal with this issue only in a larger way.

If you know someone who was planning on coming out Thursday, please let them know we will be closed and open then again on Friday and hopefully Saturday as the berries hold out.  My prediction is that there will be lots of ripe berries for Friday and Saturday.


Picking Report 6/13 6pm

We had to close early today due to being sold out of ripe berries. This is the hard part about this business, i.e. trying to predict picking pressure with amount of ripe berries. As we have said previously, we want to remind everyone to check with in with Facebook, our web page, or call before coming out especially if coming from a considerable distance. We don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

We will do a post on Wednesday to let everyone know for sure if we will be open on Thursday.

Closing today @ Noon to let more berries ripen.

Picking Report 9am June 13

Good start to the first day of picking. Many pickers are here and enjoying the cooler part of the day.
Pretty much cleaned up the ripe berries on zone 6. Now working on zone 5. Ripe berries may be finished up by 12 noon if the picking pressure continues the same.

2017 Opening Day June 13

Lost Branch Blueberry Farm presents the 2017 opening day Tuesday, June 13, 8am to 8pm. Picking will begin at 8am.
Our hours for the season will be M, Tu, Th, Fr, Sa 8am-8pm. We will be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays during the season. For this week, we will be open Tuesday, then closed Wednesday and then open again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and closed on Sunday. This is the schedule we will keep throughout the season UNLESS notified otherwise, i.e., lack of ripe berries or severe weather.
We do not have computer access during business hours so please call 660-342-2725 with questions.
Please tell friends and family.