Picking Report Thursday July 2. Picking is still real Good! Open Friday and Saturday 8am – 1pm

We are still picking lots of very nice berries on Zone 5.  I’m asking everyone to please concentrate there as there are many berries there that need to be picked.

The weather was great tonight and looks to be fantastic tomorrow and Saturday.

Everyone is commenting on how wonderful the bushes look and how much fruit is on the bushes.  Thank the Lord!  It’s nice to have enough berries to keep up with demand.

See you tomorrow or Saturday ,

Blueberry Bob






Open Today July 2, 4-8pm Another Great Picking Opportunity!

The Weather looks wonderful and the bushes are still loaded.  Come out today through Saturday if you want nice blueberries.

Blueberry Bob

Picking report – June 30 Still Lots of Berries Ripe and Ripening – Closed Wednesday, July 1 Open again Thursday 4pm

We have had many comments this year about how good the bushes look.    I first of all thank God from whom all blessings come.  Secondarily, we had good consistent rain last year which made for lots of new growth and therefore many fruiting buds for berries this year.  So, I believe, Lord willing, we will have even a better situation next year.

Again, we had many nice berries picked yesterday by many nice people.   We will be closed Wednesday as usual and open again Thursday 4pm.

Thank you all for your patronage!  Thank you Kirksville and thank you surrounding area.  We had people here from St. Louis, and Columbia, (and I’m sure other towns in the area) and states of Iowa and Colorado (and I’m sure other states as well as countries)

See you Thursday, Lord willing,

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report Monday June 29th – Many picked – Many left

We mainly picked in Zone 5 this evening.  Huge turn out.  One of those wonderful evenings when the weather was perfect and the sense of community pervasive.  We had a record one day amount of berries picked for our little farm.  I always make a guess of how many pounds  will  be brought in and am usually pretty accurate, but this time I was way off.  You all picked 650 pounds!  And again they were very nice berries.

Ok, so then, what about Tuesday?   Well, there are still lots of berries in zone 5 but I’m going to open up zones 1-3 as well as 5 tomorrow.   You all did a wonderful job staying in zones 4 and 5 today and staying with a bush until you got most of the ripe ones picked before going on to the next.  This really helps the picking situation.  Thank you!

Tomorrow we will be open again from 4-8pm.

Again, at our family supper table we were talking about all the different people we met and others we knew and how wonderfully delightful  you all are. Believe me, that makes all the long hours worth it…..

Blueberry Bob

Picking Update Sunday June 28 Lots and Lots of Berries – Open Monday 4pm

I just took a stroll and was astounded how many large berries are in Zone 5.  I would estimate 500 lbs just in that zone not to mention the other 4 zones.

Please, if you want easy to pick berries come the next two days and you will have plenty.  Don’t wait until they get harder to pick.

Yes, the birds know this and so I need some help with bird control.  You are my best bird control for two obvious reasons: 1.  If the ripe berries are picked they will not have any reason to hang around!  2.  If people are out there, they aren’t, so much.

The weather looks good also.

Come out and have a blast picking blueberries.  Stock up for winter.

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report June 27 Open again Monday June 29th. Watch KTVO Monday, 6:30am for a Live on the Farm Interview.


It was a bit soggy out there on Saturday.  I don’t think in the whole time we’ve been open over the years I have seen the parking lot this mushy.  I’m not complaining,  mind you, just stating fact. It worked out fine, and no one got even half way stuck.

Some of you know that I was working on an “endless” waterfall for the herb garden area.  I couldn’t get it done for several reasons but God saw fit to give me an endless waterfall and river in the meantime:)

So, everyone picked about 400 lbs of really nice berries.  I kept reminding everyone (as I will here again) that since we have so much foliage this year, one needs to move the canes around and look in the interior of the bush.  There are some nice berries in and underneath the bush for those who do this.

We will be open again Monday at 4pm

I also want to express again how wonderful you all have been to our family.  You all are so encouraging!  I wish every business had such supportive customers.  You make it all worth the effort.     It also really does our heart good to see the young ones coming and enjoying themselves, and learning how to pick ripe berries.  It’s amazing at how young they learn to distinguish the difference.   I am glad they are learning where blueberries come from and I feel honored that our farm is the “training ground”.   My hope and desire too is that they know the God who created such marvels as he is revealed in the Bible.

See you Monday, Lord willing,

Blueberry Bob


Closing at 1 PM today

We have decided that we will be closing at 1 pm this afternoon, so if you want to get berries today, come on out now! :)

Open Saturday June 27 8am


I took a stroll through all the berry plantation today:  Here is what I found

1.  Ripe berries are concentrated in Zone one and  five.  It would be good to start on row one of zone one (closest to the house) and work toward the pavilion.  There are nice berries to be bagged there.  I think it’s been largely missed because it is farthest away.

Also, zone five still has many nice, ripe berries.  Again,  it would be good to start at the farthest row away from the pavilion and work toward the pavilion.  Hint: Draper variety are the last row and those are very nice berries.

The rain has been nice in one way (the bushes are flourishing with new growth which is good for next year) but in another way the berries tend to go soft faster.

Also,  I would estimate that there are two more weeks of good picking after this week.  After that it will be pretty thin.

I would also guess that if the picking pressure is great tomorrow, which I think is a high probability, we could be out of ripe berries by 11 or 12.

Again,  please pick all the ripe berries you can from each bush.  It benefits you in the long run because you don’t want to have berries scattered here and there either, right?

As far as parking:  The parking lot (grass)  is pretty saturated.  It would be good if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to park in the overflow parking area (just to the north of the entrance) and that will allow the 2 wheel drive vehicles onto the area around the pavilion in which there is a bit more solid ground.

Lastly,  it looks to be a beautiful day, so come out and enjoy the farm!

Friday Morning June 26 2 A.M. – Closed due to rain – Open again Saturday

I hate to be the bearer of bad news especially for those of you who had made special plans to come today but:

1.  Our parking lot (grass has been borderline not “park-able”) but now it’s to the point people are going to start getting stuck.

2.  It’s going to be pouring down rain most of the day.

3.  I really don’t like the idea of people picking with lightning occurring.

So, we are going to be closed today and hope for a great looking Saturday.  It’s supposed to be sunny and in the high 70’s.

Again, I’m sorry to have to make this call but I think it’s the best we can do at this point.

See you Saturday,

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report June 25 Medium picking…..Stay tuned for rain report tomorrow a.m.

We had another heavy picking evening.   People were bringing in buckets full of large ripe berries.  There are still quite a few of the ripe early berries.  As many of you know we have the berry plantation divided into 7 zones.

Here is the report zone by zone (all zones are numbered with a sign)

zone 1:  This zone has several bushes  that are still loaded.  However, because it is a further walk,  not as many people make it there.  I would suggest to start picking here first.  It is the furthest west of the pavilion.  Be careful not to get overripe berries (soft).

zone 2:  This zone has smaller bushes but some real nice size berries (usually the newer bushes produce larger berries).  One needs to walk down each row until one finds a loaded bush and once one row is done go to the next etc….

zone 3:  This zone starts just west of the pavilion.  It has some nice, large berries too but many of those in the first 6 rows were picked (there are many green and some just turning).  There are quite a few on the smaller bushes in the second part of 3.

zone 4:  These are just as one looks south of the pavilion (by the pond).  These are early to mid-season.  There are quite a few green ones on these bushes but one can find some nice large ripe ones scattered in here and there.

zone 5.  These are mostly early berries and are some of our best producers.  They’ve been picked pretty heavily but still have quite a few per bush (5 pounds?)

Zones 6 and 7:  These are the newer bushes (3 years old)  They do have some really nice berries but are widely scattered.  Every once in a while one will run into a clump of large berries in these zones.

So that is the summary of each of the zones.  Now, I would say the picking Friday will be a bit more challenging but still  possible to get a lot of nice ripe berries.

Rain is in the forecast so stayed tuned.  I will blog tomorrow morning.  We don’t want to be open while there is a lot of lightning and rain.  I will let everyone  know by 7:30 am what we are going to do.  There is a 60% chance of heavy rain here tonight and Friday….