Picking Report – Saturday at Closing

We didn’t get near as many pickers today as I thought, but there were quite a few “first timers”.  That is good because it shows the word is getting out.

Many pounds of really nice berries were picked, relatively easily.   Zones 6 and 7 produced its heart out.  There are still some ripening on these zones.

Most of the ripening berries will be on zones 2-5 this coming week.

The heat is beginning to take its toll.  We will still have plenty of nice berries to pick Monday.  We’ll take it day by day.  Keep abreast with daily posts here.

Looks like it will be much cooler next week.

Thanks for everyone’s support!

Blueberry Bob


Picking Report – Saturday Picking Looks Good. Open 8 AM – 8 PM

Another good day of picking today.  We appreciate those who were thorough in their picking technique and picked a bush well before going to the next.  That helps with harvest management.  Now I do realize that the undersized berries (pea size) one may not want.  That’s fine, I understand.

Well, here’s a “run down” on the availablity of the zones:  (note: zones are sections designated by a number on a post by the first row of that particular zone.)

Zones 1 -3 (West of the pavillion) There are many nice ripe berries all throughout these zones.   One needs to walk down the row, find a bush and pick it as clean as one can.

Zones 4-5 (South of the pavillion)  4 has many nice size ripe berries mixed in with quite a few green.  5  are the early berries.  There are many medium sized ripe berries here.  These have a heavy foliage so one must move the canes around to find some that were missed by other pickers.

Zones 6-7 ( the newest, smaller bushes south across the ravine and just west of the peach orchard)  These bushes have performed really well on their first year.  Many nice medium to large tasty berries.  There are still many ripe berries on them.

So, you may want to print this off and bring it with you as a guide.  If you don’t know where the zones are, we will be glad to direct you.

Happy picking…..

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report -Friday 12:30pm Picking Fair to Good


I just got out of the patch picking myself.  Picking is still pretty good.  We’ve had a lot of pickers this morning and so far this afternoon.  Zone 5 still has plenty of berries.  As I just experienced, please lift up the canes or move them around.  People are missing some nice berries.  I know it takes more effort.  Sometimes I’ve even thought twice about it but when I do, I usually find some nice ones hidding underneath.

Also, the newest zones 6 and 7 still have some really nice berries at this point in time.

A beautiful day!

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report Thursday, June 23rd Picking still good

We had a good day of picking today.  Many customers in the morning hours and in the evening hours and some sprinkled through mid-day.

Looks like Friday will be another relatively temperate day.

There are still many ripe berries in zone 5.  I would like to get more of those picked.  They are medium size but still nice berries.

Zone 4 (just south of the check out pavillion) has some nice berries to but they are in mixed in with the not so ripe.

By the way, please keep in mind to lift up any sagging canes and look underneath.  there are almost always nice berries that someone missed under there.

Also, please try to pick as many ripe berries from the bush you are working on and resist just “cherry picking” (justing going around many bushes and picking the big ones)  This helps everyone in the long run.

Also we have many nice berries on bushes that are scattered throughout zones 1 – 3.  One just needs to walk the rows until one comes to a loaded bush and pick it as clean as possible.

We will have plenty of ripe berries for those of you who come tomorrow.

Some of you have asked about how long we will have berries.  It’s hard to predict but I hope for another 2 good weeks and then the 3rd week will be mostly small berries.

Loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves today.  Even had some picnickers today enjoying themselves on the pond dam pavillion.  A good place to see a panoramic view of the farm.

See you tomorrow.

Blueberry Bob

Picking Very Good! Come pick this week and fill a bucket quickly.

We will definitely not run out of ripe berries this week.  Temperature will be more moderate.  Looks like a great week to get out and pick enough to last the winter.

Open 8am – 8pm this week Thursday through Saturday.

Check out this neat blueberries party snack web page:  http://www.blueberrycouncil.org/blueberry-recipes/kid-friendly-recipes/

Blueberry Sparklers

Blueberry Bob

Blueberry Cheesecake is one of our favorites. Here’s a simple recipe.


Some young pickers came out to the farm to learn about blueberry production.

Preschool pickers

Reminder: Closed on Wednesdays – Will Be Lots of Ripe Berries on Thursday

Remember: Lost Branch Blueberry Farm is closed Wednesdays.
Thursday we will reopen at 8am. Open until 8pm. There will be tons of ripe berries so please tell your friends.
Kerri and I were again overwhelmed by your kindness and support for our farm.  It’s your support that keeps the farm going in more ways than just monetary.  THANKS!
Blueberry Bob

Tuesday Evening 6pm – Still lots of ripe berries

The temperature is moderating a bit this evening and there are large, ripe berries on all zones.  Ask when you come and we will direct you to the best spots.

Blueberry Bob

We are open and picking this morning at Lost Branch Blueberry Farm. Lots of berries waiting to be picked.