Closed for the 2015 Season

Tonight, Monday July 20,  will be our last time to be open for picking for the 2015 season. More to follow.

Open today from 4-8 pm!

Open Monday 4 – 8pm Will be many nice berries to pick – Get them now as probably will be the last Week!

The berries in zone 4 are looking real good.  Still nice berries in other zones too.   Weather looks good too.

Last week was the end of the “shares” but the price is still a low $2 per pound for u-pick.  Come stock up for winter!

Blueberry Bob

Open Saturday July 18th, 8am Will close at 12 noon due to the heat

There are still many ripe, medium sized berries to be bagged.  Come early Saturday and beat the heat.  We will close at 12 noon.


Open Friday 8am – 1pm Still Plenty of Berries

Come out tomorrow in the morning and pick while it is still cool.  Morning picking is usually a very beautiful time.  However, sometimes there is a heavy dew and that makes it harder to tell the color of the berry.   Zones 4 and 5 still have plenty of berries and some good bushes on zones 1-3.

Blueberry Bob

Closed Wednesday Open again Thursday 4 – 8pm

We are rapidly coming to the end of the blueberry season here at Lost Branch Blueberry Farm.  There are still quite a few berries that are ripening but I would estimate that there are still  several hundred pounds still out there.

The berry size is mostly medium to small.  Picking is medium to poor but one can still fill a bucket without too much problem if one finds an area where the berries are relatively dense.  The best areas are zones 4 and 5.  There are also quite a few berries in zones 1-3, in particular the bushes closest to the pavilion.  However, there are bushes scattered among 1-3 that still have some nice berries.

So it is now that those who get here within the 1st hour will get most of the easiest to pick berries.

Not sure about Friday at this time.  It is still one day at a time.

Blueberry Bob

Open Today, Tuesday, 4 – 8pm

A bit of an unusual evening on Monday.  We started off with about 93 degrees.  Then it gradually got cloudy and then dark, stormy, cloudy.   The joy of picking must be powerful because it seemed that everyone was oblivious to the impending storm.  I finally sounded the alarm to everyone that the storm had hit Kirksville (inside connection)  and was about to hit here.  Everyone shook off the trance they were in with the berries (not easy to do) and headed for the pavilion.  Just as everyone was finishing checking out, it hit.  There was a race for the cars.  We had some fairly hard rain and some stiff winds but it blew over in about 15 minutes.  By then it had cooled 15 or 20 degrees and was actually a bit on the chilly side for the next hour.  Then it became a little warm again but very pleasant evening over all.  Those who remained and those who came after the storm experience a beautiful picking evening.

Ok, so here is the picking report:  There are still ripe berries in zones 4 and 5 to be gleaned but the picking is becoming progressively more difficult in these two zones.   Make sure not to put those overripe, mush berries in your bucket. However, as I walked through zones 1 through 3 I saw quite a few very nice berries.  So, although all zones are open for picking, I would suggest that you pick in these zones.  If you walk through the middle of zones 2 and 3 there are some small bushes with large berries that have been hiding from everyone.  Also, in the last 6 rows of zone 1  there are some rows with quite a few berries on them.

Come on out and pick tonight.  There are still plenty of berries to be garnered but quickly coming to an end….

Blueberry Bob

Still open tonight, after the storm, until 8 PM!

Open Monday 4 – 8pm – Will take it one day at a time as far as open hours this week

There are still a good amount of nice berries especially on zone 4. We will continue to sell for $2/per pound. I am also going to, as promised, offer shares picking, until we run out of usable berries. I really was caught in a precarious position this year as to the amount of ripening berries. Most years I had too little berries and this year I had too many ripening at one time and needed to get them harvested. (And I have 700 more bushes that are going to be producing next year!)
Therefore, next year, I am formulating contingency plans to deal with this upward trend in production so that the “shares” picking will not be the same next year. I may still need to do a type of quantity picking utilizing a bit different strategy in which I can make “We Pick” berries available at the front of the season to those who want them at a higher price (to be determined). We have had many calls for “We pick” berries over the years and I’m hoping with this increased production, that we can offer them and maybe even frozen berries.

See ya tomorrow,
Blueberry Bob

Picking Alert****** Closed Saturday and Sunday Open Again Monday 4pm

We are getting pretty thin on ripe berries today.  Therefore, we are going to be closed tomorrow (Saturday 11th) and Sunday for the berries to ripen.  Should be a goodly amount available then on Monday evening 4-8pm

Blueberry Bob