Picking Report – Open Thursday 5-7pm -Slim Picking – Closed for ripening Friday

We will be open tomorrow (Thursday, July 10)  5pm -7pm.  There are some nice, ripe berries out there but still a lot that need to ripen so we are going to be closed Friday.

Stay tuned……

Blueberry Bob

New Hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays – 5pm-7pm

We’ve decided to try changing our open hours in order to facilitate more people being able to get berries more conveniently.

That being said, . Our new hours will only affect the times we are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Open times (depending on if ripe berries are available):
Tuesday & Thursday: 5pm-7pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am-12pm

*Please always call or check our website/Facebook/twitter right before you make the trip out so you’ll be more assured to get ripe berries when you come, or call 660-342-2725 for a personal picking report.*

Picking Report July, 8, 5:30pm – Out of Ripe Berries

We have many people here and are pretty much out of ripe berries.  Please stayed tuned for a report Thursday morning as to what we have for that day.


Blueberry Bob

Picking Report July 8, 7am Open tonight 4pm-8pm

“Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips”  Job 2

Well, we got hit pretty hard by the storm last night.  I noticed quite a few berries on the ground.  There are still nice berries out there to be picked but definitely quite a bit fewer than there would have been.

I would say there are still a couple hundred pounds of nice berries out there.  I can’t predict picking pressure so how long they will last, I don’t know.

Please be advised that we currently have no restroom facilities as it was toppled by the storm.

I’m thankful for the rain and that  the damage wasn’t any worse than it was.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  (I still have more than I deserve).


Blueberry Bob



Picking Report Monday July, 7

We’ve been closed since we got picked out  last Thursday and so have had  substantial ripening.   They are predicting a large storm tonight.  Hopefully it won’t contain a lot of wind.  I will let everyone know Tuesday morning if the berries are on the ground or on the bush (not good if on the ground)  Otherwise it should be a good evening to pick.  Open 4pm – 8pm

Just a word of apology to those who had intended to come out Saturday.  We had every intention of being open but as I have said many times, I can’t predict picking pressure (how many berries are picked).   This is one of the hardest things I have to deal with during the picking season.  I can tell you how many ripe berries are available but not how many will be picked.  Many more people are finding out about us and so more people are therefore picking which is great.   I could not have dreamed how many people would have showed up to pick last Thursday.    So, I have to determine what to do and I decided that there would be more disappointed people had I stayed open with just a few berries (very few)  verses closing for ripening and having plenty when we open a few days later.  This is just the challenge of a small u-pick operation.

IMPORTANT! (no, I’m not yelling, but pleading)  It is much better to give us a quick call before you come to find out for sure how many berries are left or if we are open, especially if you are coming from a fairly far distance.   Here is my personal cell that you call.  660-342-2725.  I can then give you direct up to date info.

Blessings in the Lord,

Blueberry Bob

P.S.  My wife’s great Aunt 93, who gave me the name Blueberry Bob, went to be with the Lord (who she was anxious to be with).   She was trusting Jesus as her Savior and was a godly woman whom our family will greatly miss.

Picking Report July 4 No picking Today or Saturday -Ripening Needed

Yesterday we probably had the most pickers we ever had on the property at one time! It was amazing.   It impressed upon me the need to bite the bullet and purchase another certifiable produce scale as we had some people waiting to get their berries weighed – sorry about that.

I went out and took a look this morning and  was hard pressed to find  a ripe berry.  I hadn’t intended to open zones 1-3 yesterday but when I went over and monitored zones 4 and 5 where everyone was picking, I just knew I had to open them  because 4 and 5 were pretty much picked out  I didn’t want so many people to be disappointed.  They did find quite a few in these zones but there were some late comers who had to look very hard in the bushes to find some.  I was surprised that they did find quite a few though.

So that is the good news.  The bad news is that, due to unforeseen picking pressure, we will have to be closed not only today (Friday) but Saturday the 5th.

I apologize to those of you who were planning to come out Saturday.  This is the frustration of a small time blueberry business.   HOWEVER,  we will be open as usual on Tuesday from 4pm – 8pm and I know there will be a lot of nice berries then as many of them are turning.

See you Tuesday

Blueberry Bob

Important: Closing Early, Thursday Evening

We’ve had so many wonderful pickers already come out this evening, the berries are going to be completely picked out very soon. With that in mind, if you were planning on coming out tonight, we now recommend waiting until we open on Saturday (or another future date) so that you will have some berries to pick.

You guys are awesome!
Abriana Price

Picking Report July 3, 8:30am Open Thursday 4pm-8pm; Closed Friday; Re-open Saturday 8am-12 noon

I was just walking through the plantation and, based on that walk, have the following information to give you:

There are plenty of nice, ripe berries in Zones 4 and 5 (by the road – Bluecrop, Bluejay, Toro, Draper varieties)  I’m going to close the other zones and let the berries ripen.  We will also, close down for Friday, July 4 as I don’t think there will be enough berries ripened to warrant being open.  We will open again Saturday at 8 am till 12 noon.  I am sorry if any of you had planned to come on Friday but obviously I can’t control the variables of ripening and picking (or birds :)

The cool weather is nice and I’m thankful for that but the berries have slowed down on the ripening process.

Again, If you want some nice berries, come out tonight and you will obtain some.

There are still tons of berries to ripen!

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report July 2

It was one of those “perfect” days for picking yesterday.   Buckets and buckets of medium to large berries were coming through the checkout.   There were many people who had never picked blueberries.  That’s great!  Over 500  pounds were picked!  Not bad for a small farm like ours.   The last 8 rows on zone 5 still have ripe berries and there are many many more ripening as I write.

So, we will be open 4 – 8pm again Thursday.  I will blog again this evening to let everyone know approximately how many will be ripe for Thursday.

Blueberry Bob

Picking Report Tuesday July 1

We will be open for picking today between 4pm – 8pm  If at all possible I would plan on coming if you want some really nice berries.   There are plenty of ripe ones out there so the picking should be fairly easy.

The bad storms went to the south and north of us last night.  Luck? What or who is that?  See Mark 4: 35-41.


Blueberry Bob